Continental Freeze Dried - Jar | Instant Coffee Powder | 100% Pure | Black Coffee |

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  • 100% pure coffee granules
  • Made from finest Arabica coffee beans
  • Freeze-drying process preserves the flavour and aroma
  • Perfect cup of black coffee
  • Freeze drying is a state-of-the-art process that converts perfectly roasted beans into rich granules, faster. It locks the real aroma and deep flavors of coffee beans, before they get lost during processing making each sip taste smooth, authentic, and blissful. A true befitting tribute to the meticulous efforts of our expert coffee pickers and master roasters. So every time you open a pack of Continental Freeze dried Coffee, you can be sure to experience the same rich, aromatic goodness of fresh coffee.
    To enjoy this blend in all its glory, add Continental Coffee granules to hot water. Stir in some sugar if you feel like it and enjoy the perfect cup of Black Coffee.

    Material feature: 100% pure Freeze-dried coffee for all coffee lovers.

    Type of container: Jar

    Shelf life: 18 months

    Manufacturer: CCL Products (India) Ltd

    Ingredients: 100% Pure Freeze Dried Coffee

    Country of manufacture: India

    Type: Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee

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    Siddharth Singhania

    I loved the flavour…I have already consumed 6bottle before this order…