Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee
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Indulge in the rich heritage of South Indian filter coffee with our authentic blends that pay homage to the traditional art of coffee making. But what sets Continental Malgudi apart? Let's embark on a journey through the enticing realms of our coffee craftsmanship.

What is filter coffee?
Filter coffee is a South Indian specialty, a meticulous brewing process involving a two-part metal filter. A perfect blend of coffee and chicory is added to the upper portion, filled with hot water, and allowed to brew for 15 minutes. The result is a rich, aromatic decoction, a cultural emblem that transcends mere beverage status.

Why choose Continental Malgudi Filter coffee?

Have you ever wondered what makes a perfect cup of filter coffee? It's the blend, the process, and the passion behind it. Continental Malgudi Filter coffee boasts two distinctive blends—a classic 80% coffee, 20% chicory blend for the purists, and a bolder 60% coffee, 40% chicory blend for those seeking an extra kick. But that's not all; we offer an exquisite range of filter coffee variations, including Malabar Filter Coffee, Arakku Filter Coffee, and Coorg Filter Coffee, each telling a unique story of the region it hails from.

The art of making filter coffee

Ever wondered what sets filter coffee apart from other brewing methods? It's the meticulous process and the perfect blend of coffee and chicory that make our Malgudi Filter coffee the best filter coffee powder. Following the time-honored South Indian tradition, our coffee is made by adding two tablespoons of Malgudi Filter coffee powder to the upper portion of the filter. After filling it with 50ml of hot water and allowing it to brew for 15 minutes, you're just moments away from a cup of perfection.

Preserving tradition

The filter coffee, a ritual in South India, is more than a beverage; it's a cultural emblem. With our Malgudi Filter coffee, we strive to keep these traditions alive, honoring the roots of filter coffee making. The meticulous processing under strict quality standards ensures that every cup is a testament to the heritage and culture that define South Indian coffee.

In every pack of Continental Malgudi Filter Coffee, discover the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, a journey that brings you closer to the heart of South India's coffee legacy. Indulge in the richness of flavors, and let each sip transport you to the enchanting landscapes where our coffee beans are nurtured with love. Cheers to the art of filter coffee, redefined by Continental Malgudi, and all at an affordable filter coffee price that ensures everyone can experience the true essence of South Indian brewing.

1. What is the difference between the 80% Coffee, 20% Chicory blend, and the 60% Coffee, 40% Chicory blend?

Our 80/20 blend offers a flavourful coffee with a hint of chicory, while the 60/40 blend provides strong coffee. Choose based on your preference for a robust or milder taste.


2. What makes Malgudi traditional filter coffee authentic?

Our coffee is made using the time-honoured method of brewing filter coffee, just like it was prepared in the good old days. We use the finest coffee beans, expertly roasted and ground to perfection, ensuring an aromatic and flavorful decoction.


3. How do I brew Malgudi traditional filter coffee at home?

To brew Malgudi traditional filter coffee at home, add 2 tablespoons of Malgudi Coffee Powder to the upper portion of the filter. Fill it with 50ml hot water, cover it, and let it brew for 15 minutes. Pour the decoction and hot milk into a cup, add sugar to taste, and for the perfect froth, transfer the coffee from one cup to another. Serve hot and enjoy the authentic taste of Malgudi traditional filter coffee.


4. How is Malgudi traditional filter coffee decoction liquid different from the regular Malgudi traditional filter coffee blends?

Our Filter Coffee Decoction liquid offers a convenient option for those who prefer a quicker brewing process. It eliminates the need for grinding and brewing, providing a ready-to-use decoction.


5. What makes the Malabar, Araku, and Coorg variations distinctive in terms of flavor and sourcing?

The Malabar blend is sourced from the South-Western regions of India, featuring intense flavors and a smooth body. Araku is sourced from the Eastern Ghats, known for its rich flavors and earthy notes. Coorg, sourced from the Western Ghats, offers irresistibly rich and strong flavors with natural aromas from the surrounding plants.